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About me

Born in 1982, I’m a Central American artist with a passion for color and traveling.
Life is good for this color addict. 
-Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Designer, Universidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala 2006
-Claudia Chemäs Studio, Guatemala 2001-2021.
-Creativity workshops, Alejandro Azurdia 2006-2007-Casa Azul Art Academy, Guatemala, 2001-2005
-Art Academy Galeria Rios, Guatemala, 2003


-Collective in the Guatemalan Pavilion, Expo Dubai 2020

-Collective Fundación Margarita Tejada, Museo Ixchel 2021

-Collective Pintando Sueños con el Corazón, Museo Ixchel, Guatemala 2021

-Virtual Collective, Sowing the Seeds of Tranquility, India, 2020

-rLagos exhibit, Centro Gerencial Las Margaritas, Guatemala, 2019

-rLagos exhibit, Silk Rains, Panza Verde Gallery, Antigua February, Guatemala 2019

-Ayudarte, Hotel Intercontinental, Guatemala 2018

-Museo Ixchel Art Collective, Colortenango, Guatemala 2018

-Orchids solo show, Casa Llerandí. 2016

-Rooster Collective, Cayalá 2016

-Leo Bianchi show, Museo Ixchel, Guatemala 2015

-Arte en Mayo, Collective, Modern Museum of Art, Guatemala 2014

-Poderosas en el Arte, Collective, Modern Museum of Art, Guatemala 2013

-Rlagos private exhibit, El Convento, Antigua Guatemala 2012

-Rlagos exhibit, Ixchel Museum, Guatemala 2011

-Collective, Arte en Mayo, Fundacion Rozas Botran, Guatemala 2011-2012

-Collective Action Art Vitrin-Arte, Guatemala 2010

-Rlagos exhibit, Dosha Gallery, Guatemala 2009

-Rlagos exhibit, Conciousness Festival, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 2009

-Miniature Collective exhibit. El Tunel Gallery, Guatemala 2005 & 2008

-Collective exhibit, Helvetas, Modern Museum of Art, Guatemala 2006-2007

-Collective exhibit Funsilec, Guatemala 2007

-Collective exhibit, Claudia Chemas Studio, Miraflores Museum, Gua, 2005

-Collective Toy exhibit, Casa del Aguila, Guatemala 2004


© 2015 by Rosana Lagos 

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